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Odyssey Lists on UpBit and Bitrex Ahead of OCpay System... #blockchain #ethereum #fintech decentralized… - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: June 1, 2018 at 01:48PM
Odyssey Lists on UpBit and Bitrex Ahead of OCpay System... #blockchain #ethereum #fintech decentralized…
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Can you fund your Bitrex account with only ethereum (to make trades into other coins)?

...or do I have to turn my ETH int BTC first?
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The Implicit Terribleness of Centralized Exchanges and Technical Challenges of Full Non Custodianship

I'm not even going to bother posting in the bitcoin reddit it doesn't reach the right people.
My point is a)all DEX with monero integration will be the best b)there are current extreme technicnal challenges and a lack of cross project cooperation, as I believe developers from many chain and project will have to collaborate to build a "Super DEX" comparable to BISQ, but with the user feature of Binance.

First off this market, the crypto market has become a hellscape in terms of crimes by all major exchanges and regulators.
-BTSE flash crashs and flash pumps
-CME flash crashes
-Huobi, Bitrex, and Binance ban us people
-Coinbase selling customer data usage
-deribit flash crash
-Bitmex user data breach and doxxing
-Open Bridge exit scam and KYC nonsense
-Endless Tether fuckery

It's just too much, too too much. We need hosted liquidity nodes that are hosted the same way torrenting hosts seeds, run by VM's and decentralized server hosting. I've been told by different developers that a lot of this is hung up on Ethereum Sharding and Casper.

Cross atomic swaps between Ethereum and Monero are probably the biggest stumbling block closely followed by the engineering of a mass meshnetwork of liquidity hosting by individual wallet stakers. IMHO those two things are needed to build the 'Super DEX'. A stand a lone authorless, unseizable domain hosted software full DEX with 0 custodianship, but an 'internet of liquidity' so to speak.
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TON, Telegram, Gram… What’s next?

TON, Telegram, Gram… What’s next?
A quick answer: it is all very simple. It’s only a matter of few minutes to really understand what’s going on and what are the three main things we keep on talking for days. Let’s talk about this right now!
Telegram — one of the most top leading messengers in the world. Despite the contradictory opinions of many countries regarding its freedom of speech, Telegram made its name as an encrypted messenger, whereby your dialogues stay remain incognito, unless of course, you are a danger for the Government. Most people know about Telegram: one of Whatsapp’s main competitors. The service has over 200 million of users and plenty of press as the world’s premiere security-oriented app.
But what about Telegram’s cryptocurrency: the TON network’s Gram?
Given the fact that the social messenger’s possesses a massive user base, many people are wondering how cryptocurrency will function withing the Telegram’s app and network. Below, we provide some answers!
Gram is the name for the cryptocurrency that Telegram is rolling out. It is also known as the “Telegram messenger’s cryptocurrency coin” or “Gram coin for Telegram”
This coin will work, first and foremost, to power all kinds of features on the TON network: a blockchain engineered by Telegram’s team. TON is believed to overthrow the Ethereum’s ecosystem, by providing the best technical solutions. This includes transfer fees, gas, deposits for node operators, and more.
Beyond that, Telegram has a need for cryptocurrency in order to facilitate in-app purchases. This means premium stickers, animations, in-app currency transfers, and so on and so forth. These features may potentially attract larger audiences and therefore, increase an overall’s world recognition.
Last but not least, Dr. Durov will seek to make cryptocurrencies useful inside Telegram for third party developers and publishers. These will be able to receive money for payments inside and outside of apps and process other fees.
The general theme through all these features is that:
  • Telegram is a massively popular messenger.
  • TON is a network that runs concurrently with the messenger.
  • GRAM tokens are the native currency on Telegram, powering the TON blockchain network.
Left with some questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know about your question. And of course, subscribe to our official social media channels, that will help us to improve a lot:
BitrexChange official Facebook group:
BitrexChange official Facebook page:
Gramblog Facebook group:
Telegram Chat:
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Radians, where do you buy Bitcoins from?

I'm interested in investing some money in crypto currency. However, I found out that we can't directly buy coins using our cards. Litecoin is pretty stable and that's where I want to invest in. Any help would be appreciated.
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Comprehensive Substratum FAQ

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with substratum, all information here was gathered from the Substratum twitter, youtube, slack and interviews however it may not be 100% accurate. Please correct me if you spot a mistake or comment below if you wish additional questions added/answered and always do your own research before investing. I will aim to keep this thread updated as we get more news. Be sure to check out the whitepaper for aditional useful information
1. How do I run a node? Substratum is currently hard at work on their 2nd closed alpha, shortly after that has been completed they will be releasing a staggered public beta for everyone to try out, sign up here to take part.
2. What is substratumNode and substratumHost? SubstratumHost (previewed here) is used by website owners to manage their domain, files, databases, users, pay hosting fees etc. This is what enables a site owner to run their website through the substratum network.
SubstratumNode (previewed here) is what the average user will run to earn SUB and dedicate some of their computers' resources towards the network. This also gives the node operator access to any restricted sites which are not running on the network through their "vpnless VPN" system. This will massively help with overall adoption.
Note: Those previews are from months ago and will not be an exact representation of the final product.
3. What do I need to access sites on the network? Absolutely nothing. If a site owner decides to host their site through the network then you will be able to access that site without any additional software, just stick the URL into your favourite browser and the decentralised site will load. If you wish to access any website (region restricted or not) anonymously and it's not hosted through the substratum network then you will be required to run the substratumNode software. This routes all your web traffic through the network, allowing access to the restricted sites for free while paying you for routing traffic.
4. How do I store the SUB token? Due to SUB being an ERC20 token, it can be stored in any Ethereum address. In general, MyEtherWallet is recommended for storing SUB and other ERC20 tokens; just send the SUB to your ETH address then load the token on the right side of your MyEtherWallet wallet to view your SUB. This also means you can store SUB on a ledgetrezor hardware wallet.
5. Does the network run on the Ethereum blockchain? No. Only the SUB token used for payouts runs on the ETH blockchain, all details of what node contains specific site fragments and information on how sites should be loaded will be stored on a separate individual blockchain.
6. How do I mine/stake SUB tokens? You don't. There is no mining in the traditional sense; total supply isn't going to be increasing. You earn SUB by being a node and providing access to sites on the network. This SUB comes directly from the website owners who will purchase it and use it to pay for hosting on the network. Price will go up over time with supply/demand; more websites = more demand for the token. Should the market ever reach 90% saturation, the network will create 10% additional tokens and separate them into an account that is only used to fuel the network. These will not hit the exchanges and will only be available for transactions within the network.
7. What sort of computer will I need to run a node? No one knows the full answer to this till the beta is complete as that will help the team determine minimum system requirements for the network. What we do know is; Upload speed will be one of the most important factors. Apart from that, a mid-end CPU will likely be of use and a reasonable amount of RAM. Hosting a node will not be GPU intensive. More details on factors going into how much you earn can be found here
8. When is bitrex coming?? The team is under NDA regarding this and we will likely not hear anything until it happens. One of bitrex's requirements is open source so we will not see it listed till that comes first.
9. Is there a coin burn coming? Yes, the team has already burned 120M tokens shortly after the ICO (into this address), there will be another token burn after the bitrex listing. We are not sure of the number of coins that will be burned yet, rumours are 60M-120M coins. This comes from the total supply, not circulating supply.
10. Whats with the project being closed source/can I see a github repo? The code is currently closed source as to prevent competition from copying them. Justin (The CEO) stated in a recent video that parts will be getting open sourced shortly. Not all backend code will be open source in order to maintain some level of security (and help prevent ISP's from blocking them) however all code running on the end users computer will be fully open source for everyone to see.
11. What will be the price of SUB in x months/days/years 296 Gazillion Dollars.... seriously though, anyone giving a price is just purely guessing. Do your own research if you are looking at investing.
12. What's stopping an ISP from blocking Substratum hosted sites? Due to the distributed nature of Substratum, in order to block a site the ISP would have to blanket ban all internet users in an area and leave limited access to government facilities or public service locations that need internet access (..this is extreme and if it happens it's because your country is probably in a war; blanket internet bans basically stop a lot of local commerce from happening. People working at pc from work or home, internet phone lines, chain stores, anything that uses cloud computing, or server side computing that relays data remotely, including credit processors, with some exceptions; offline transactions are possible but have their own set of issues, would all be blocked.) This reason for such drastic measures being required to block a substratum hosted site is due to the fact that substratum traffic simply looks like standard http web traffic so the ISP has no clue if you are running a node or just uploading a file to a website. Ontop of this the nodes hosting a specific site are constantly changing and no single node contains a whole file for any site. And the icing on the cake, multiple nodes are required to serve a single request with no single node knowing the full route path. This means that if the ISP did block the first node in the path, there would still be multiple more nodes behind that still ready to serve the request. More detail can be found here and here
13. Cant ISP's just block access to the site proving the node software? will provide access to the node software, this site will also be hosted on the network meaning that, assuming everything works, ISP's cant block access to the site and therefore cant prevent people downloading the software.
14. Is my site data secure? Yes, no single node will contain a whole file for your website and all files are encrypted preventing tampering. View this video for more information.
15. How will substratum ensure there are enough nodes for larger sites? As more sites, and larger sites, start to host on the substratum network, payouts will increase due to increased demand. This will naturally bring in more users hosting nodes to get a part of the profits thus making up for the increased demand and keeping the network stable.
16. What about illegal content being hosted on the network? The network will have some sort of user governance system letting users vote to get highly illegal content removed if the majority agree. We do not have a whole lot of detail on the workings of this system as of yet.
17. What is CryptoPay? Cryptopay is a decentralized application being developed by the Substratum team which will run on top of the Substratum Network. This is a payment gateway which website owners will add to their site in order to accept payments through any publically traded cryptocurrency. The site owner can choose to be paid in USD/EURO etc and cryptopay will automatically convert any crypto into their desired currency using SUB as a middleman currency. More detail can be found here.
18. Is there a 2018 roadmap? This is due to be released alongside the public beta sometime shortly (January/February 2018)
Well that's most of the questions that seem to keep coming up over the past couple months, feel free to comment below and I will add any additional questions/answers (assuming they are reasonable and not overly technical as we do not have too much technical information currently) If any mods would consider pinning this then I'm sure that would be useful for newcomers
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Understanding why Nebulas is going to the top 20 fast

Ive seen a lot of questions being repeated on reddit. Figured Id put my opinion out and see if it helps us move on to more talks about the tech and less of, "why isn't anyone talking about nebulas."
This is just my opinion and by no means to I claim to be a financial advisor. However, I did read both whitepaper, which by the way are by far the most technical and complicated I have seen,
Im going to point to the few keys factors that make Nebulas so special.
  1. It is its own blockchain. This is the most misunderstood factor Im coming across. Nebulas is a 3rd generation block chain, similar to a Cardano or NEO, hence why the CEO left NEO to start Nebulas. It is very scalable, similar to the Cardano idea.
  2. It is adaptable. You can adapt code in the future to avoid the need to hard fork the tech if their is a problem that arrises during scaling. Think how large bitcoin's market share would be if it did not fork several times into bitcoin cash, bitcoin platinum, and so forth. It also allows you to adapt code on other platforms based off of Nebulas. So if you had an erc20(ethereum platform) built on Nebulas, you would be able to adapt the code in the future to avoid the same problem. I see this leading to mass adoption from other platforms.
  3. It makes the blockchain searchable. I know everyone keeps saying "like google," but the reference is more to show that the relationships between blockchains, developers, and users. With Nebulas, the blockchain will be measured to determine ranks for ease of use as well as the strength of the community behind it. At the current moment you cant even search the blockchain. With Nebulas you could not only search it, but you would be able to weed out the less developed blockchains and join ones that have strong communities.
  4. It rewards developers. This means if you develop on Nebulas, you get PROOF OF WORK(PoW). Developers will prefer to work on nebulas not only because of its capabilities and tech, but because they will be rewarded with tokens. Everyone likes to get paid for doing things they already do.
  5. It has master nodes rewards. Now this may not be for everyone, but as an early investor, I hope to receive master node rewards. That means they will pay me a percentage to merely hold my Nebulas in my wallet. Something a lot of large traders are looking for. If this project grows like I think it will, I wont be selling my Nebulas at all. But the fact they will pay me to hold it, means I will be even more motivated to hold. What does this mean for the market cap? Well, it means larger traders/funds will be less likely to day trade and as the market fluctuates, Nebulas may have less fluctuation than most coins, creating a safer investments for large funds and investors to hold their money during market corrections.
Lastly, they have already launched their testnet and will launch their mainnet by March. That means they will be the first gen-3 on the blockchain. They will get first mover advantage, mass adaption, and most likely become a top 5 coin by market cap. So to go back to the original question, "why isn't anyone talking about them?" Well I think the team is more worried about being the first to market and flying a little under the radar, than they are marketing the project. The implications of being the first gen-3 to the market will be more than enough to launch them to the too of the crypto market. On top of that, they are not on binance, bitrex, or gdax. This leads to less awareness and trading as well. I hate to be lame, but everyone knows talk is cheap and you always watch out for the quiet ones.
I hope this helps everyone. Also feel free to correct me if I read something wrong or anyone has any input to add. For now, Nebulas is my largest position in crypto and I will be adding to the stack as much as I can. I apologize for any writing errors, but I was rushing a bit when I wrote this.
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First time mining any cryptocurrency and decided to start with Aeon!

As the title suggests, I started mining cryptocurrency today. Aeon was the first one I opted for as the Cryptonote light algorithm appealed to me and I could test it on my low-end laptop before ponying up more cash for better hardware. I also went through the subreddit and got positive vibes from the community overall :)
While I do not have any specialized hardware currently (and have 250H/s on my measly i7 4500u using XMR Aeon Stak), I am learning the ropes and would like to make my first conversion from Aeon to USD within a few days (I understand that I will have to convert to BTC and then to USD through Bitrex).
While I do plan on mining Ethereum later on with a better setup, I have some old desktop i7s lying around that I would like to use to support Aeon. If you have any advice for optimizing the hashrates or reducing power consumption, I would greatly appreciate it! I currently have Hyperthreading disabled (I think) and running the miner on low power mode. Haven't received a payout yet but eagerly waiting for it.
Also, this may seem like a noob question but I searched really hard for an answer and am still a bit unclear on it. I am mining for a pool that has a minimum payout of 0.3 Aeon for local addresses. It is in China and can be found at:
If I disconnect and restart my machine at a later time after having mined some amount less than 0.3 Aeon, will I lose out on the mining that I have done or will that amount still be credited to me?
Again, super excited to be doing this.
All the best with the development and hopefully this coin continues to appreciate in value and mobile devices can also get involved in the cryptocurrency race through Aeon. Keep up the amazing work!
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Going all in with little risk

I discovered crypto about a year and a half ago when I thought Donald Trump was going to ruin America overnight. The way I saw it was a way to hedge against governments.
When the price of Ethereum was $300 I went ALL IN on buying it. I was going to any lengths to get my hands on as much ETH as I could. Getting ethereum without spending fiat is no easy task. I will break down how I went about getting as much Ethereum while spending the least amount of fiat as possible in order to beat the markets.
I do not suggest taking out credit or spending money that is not yours, but this is how I did it.
The first thing I did was find credit cards with signup bonuses. Signup bonuses that looked something like spend $500 and get $120 to pay us back. Those kind of cards kill it. I would really recommend checking out and just apply away at all of the cards. The Key to this is make sure you get one really good interest free card for year. So the strategy is to buy as much Ethereum as possible on the cards with a cashback reward and then put the end bill on the interest free card.
This was the sketchiest thing I have ever done in my life. I remember days where I was thinking I ruined my credit for this? The price of Ethereum has since rose and I feel like an evil genius creating a master plan to trying to earn as much crypto as possible without spending money.
The next thing I did was very smart of me. I started to sell my items for ethereum. I sold everything i felt like i wasn't going to use in the next year. This is what I would say contributed to my wealth now. I had two cars, a basement full of stuff that needed to be cleaned out and an attic full of toys that I don't need.
I searched online and I came across a post in the bitcointalk forums about The place that buys anything in exchange for cryptocurrencies. This is where the much safer alternative to possibly ruining your credit. Well, I had an old car that I more or less needed gone. I lucked out being from New Jersey so the team at came out to my house made me a really fair offer in Ethereum and I was hooked. Right away I knew that If i had something to selling for ethereum Would be the first place I go to. It's so much better than a pawnshop. Besides, You save on fees. Typically you would need to go through an exchange. So you would have to pay a ton of fees to get it off binance or bitrex. Not only did they save me time they saved me money. So, I packed my car and a ton of other crap that I didn't use like my old video games, watches. Anything I was not going to use in a 6 month time and fucking went for it.
Man, was my girl pissed when I first told her I took out a ton of new credit cards and sold all of our stuff for Crypto.
Fast forward a few months and I feel like the smartest guy on planet earth. I have risked a LOT, But ultimately I am selling all of my Ethereum and putting that into an income property to solidify some gains that will almost definitely pay for my kids college education. Thank you Ethereum. Thank you junktion for being the place to sell for ethereum.
TL;DR I opened a ton of credit cards and sold all of my stuff for Etheum months ago to I would recommend all of it
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Hoard Invest in the Clash of Titans

You can listen to the soundtrack of this article here: Play me
 Have you ever heard a story, About Mrs. Feelesspaymentsglory? 


Hello everybody! My name is Mickey, also known as Tezkatlypoka from Reddit, and I would like to show you my own gathered information about a great project which will have its own *ICO** very soon, the Hoard Invest. Hoard, the One and Only project setting you up to be your own bank!


Web page White Paper Team
The name of this little post is “Clash of Titans” and that's simply because we will have two big players in the field of cryptocurrency banking, where each of these two giants will trying to demonstrate their vision and make you be able to use your Crypto in a daily life.
One of these two Ambassadors of crypto banking will be definitively ETHOS. ETHOS was the very first project where I have been convinced that their goal is to improve whole paying system and basically to build one. Their ICO was very successful, they obtain decent support from the medial world, their community is strong and the main fact is, their team is awesome.
They have one young genius named Shingo Lavigne as a CEO and great strategies and visionary Mr. Stephen Corliss who has got a lot of experiences and connections to grant the opened door leading up to the institutional sphere for Ethos. Who was in ICO, made a decent amount of money. Everybody thought that has to be a true champion without any possible competition.
When I heard about the Hoard for the first time, it was like when you get struck by the lightning. And hit by a truck right after! I immediately download their WP right to my phone and started to read it. I have to read it twice (you know, good stuff...well written, but lightning...truck...these can mess up your day completely). I have known right from a spot that I was reading about a true gem. I get Inspired. I wanted to know more and the baseline which started all of this was: They are like Ethos but slightly better!
There is a man in Hoard Invest who is very good at making things done. His name is Jason Davis and he is a new Rockstar in the cryptocurrency Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He will bring a whole new concept to the world of the banking industry. He will create a special kind of bank without a possibility to provide loans. Hoard will partner with some banks to provide a real bank account with all the basic stuff in a little while.
Mr. JD has a tremendous experience in banking systems and also in application design and development. He has learned what struggles a new customer has to overcome and that's because he was a new customer once too. He is able to assemble those two things together and create ripper breakthrough product. The last piece of this puzzle is Mr. Dan Lipert, an expert who can code everything Don't get confused! This "ZZ Top look" guy has got very high expertise rating in coding stuff and if He looks like Jazzy Hipster, his ability to write a code is like when you are watching Eddie Van Halen play his Eruption solo. The movie Hacker with Hugh Jackman has been written by his CV btw and since he was working for the government of US as an IT expert, he has to know the drill. The team like this has a decent power to attract and create powerful alliances.
I choose to write about Hoard Invest because everything about it makes sense to me. This is where crypto needs to go for adopting. Only with projects like Hoard will the world start to take cryptocurrencies seriously.
The world will start taking crypto seriously if there will be a real use for “Let's use it as a money”! (JD)
 Someone sings to Shingo drone, Someone hails from Jayson’s throne. 

The Hoard ecosystem

Let me tell you about another ecosystem which will make a huge impact on the future world, let me tell you about the possibility to be your very own bank, let me tell you about a team which is good as a hack and about their application modern design of which is fucking sick!
The Hoard is an ecosystem build on very good foundations. In this ecosystem, you will be using the hybrid multifunctional wallet where you can store all your coins and if this is not a game changer for you right now maybe I will change your opinion by adding another game-changing and astonishing tool, the Fiat gateway. That's right!
Unless you are not one of the most demanding readers and you are already convinced to buy their stuff, here you have a link and take care, but if you like it in more hardcore motion like I do, let's continue with some special perks list reading, shall we? :)
By implementing FIAT gateway they successfully put away any need for logging into an exchange. So you don't have to buy BTC or ETH (and pay the fee) for your EUUSD, then send them on Binance/Bitrex (and pay the fee), purchase a Litecoin (for a fee) and then make a final payment with some fee (well fu*ck me, that's a lot of fees). We got to used to it.
Another ripper they can provide you with is the system of Instant payments. You just click on the button “spend” and sell whatever coin you have at the moment and you will instantly get a value in dollars which you can use for your morning coffee purchase. That is really important because you can pay for whatever you just have right now. What suit your needs better. If you have only Neo and you want to pay with Neo, but your shop receives only Litecoin and Bitcoin, you have to go on the exchange and consolidate it, make a transaction, do a market, spend some time, pay the fees. Not anymore with Hoard. Another thing is they want to create 1:1 peer to peer relationship in transactions (you send One BTC, the guy will receive one whole BTC, not 0,98). So we have an Ethos on steroids here but what is their vision? I think the basic idea is to make a highway for completely new users in the sphere of the crypto world and clear a path for them completely; no obstacles if possible. You are also a Master of your private keys and passwords. Hoard can hold them for you if you like (in a way of provided service/support as encrypted backup).
You can be your own bank. Hoard is not a bank in the classical way of thinking. The mission isn't to work for as many banks as possible but make the banks want to work with HOARD.
Using Hoard means = Technology+security+support and almost Zero fees
You can also Invest your crypto profits right from the App and then forget about it for a while and let your money grow. This is first very first ICO available in the US and bears witness to this historical moment, when 3-8 % of world economic lays peacefully in the arm of cryptocurrencies and do this all from your smart device, with a help of the elegant and well-written application.
 Someone in hoard with shiny might, Someone is alone, in the endless night. 

What can Hoard offer to you

1) Cross-chain transactions and inter-exchange price matching 2) Instant transactions with Masternodes and minable transactions for scalability 3) Dapps on the Smaug network and possible ICO hosting. Airdrops to token holders each ICO 4) Public or Private transactions 5) The decentralized exchange where you always control your private key never the exchange 6) Fiat Gateway with the first fully compliant US-based ICO 7) Multi-currency wallet where Hoard never holds your private keys 8) Merchant services — send and receive payments in any currency including fiat regardless of initial currency type 9) Low transaction and other fees. Fees will be very low and allow you to do microtransactions for zero or almost zero fees 10) Sidechain for instant low fee transactions (think the lightning network and plasma) with multiple layered blockchain 11) Portfolio tracking 12) INV Fintech partnering 13) Self-auditing process via Oracles 14) Two possible levels of KYC authentication 15) You have all needed tools to be your Own bank 16) Strong community
 Someone tried to get that throne, He shall be doomed with crown of thorns. 

Summary and Technical shortcut for advanced readers

  • The basic idea is to make a highway for an experienced user and clear a path for him, no obstacles if possible
  • You are the master of your keys and passwords, Hoard can hold them for you if you like in a way of provided service/support (encrypted backup)
  • Direct communication with banks; the idea is banks should want to work with HOARD
  • Their contribution to blockchain is a second layer payment protocol (Raiden; it is off-Chain; it is cross-chain capable)
  • They want to create 1:1 peer to peer relationship in transactions (you send One NEO, the guy will receive ONE whole NEO)
  • HOARD = Technology+security+support
  • HOARD is not a classic "bank"
  • The world will start taking crypto seriously if there will be a real use for for money!
  • Important thing is that you can pay for whatever you have. If you have the only NEO and you want to pay with NEO, but your shop receives only Litecoin and Bitcoin, you have to go on the exchange and consolidate it, make a transaction, do a market, spend some time, pay fees.
  • Hoard has got an instant payment system, so you click button spend and sell whatever the fuck you have and you will have dollars
  • If you try to screw our network, they will take your value(basically PoS for exchanges)
  • By running Master node you can store your keys on our own system when doing trading with our platform; never keep your keys on an exchange.
  • They will have well know customers and unknown customers (true decentralization)
  • So it is basically a side chain with PoS in OAR
  • MM, Oracle(transparent auditing system), low fees, micro/instant transaction, support -> you want this
  • The Hoard is an ecosystem
  • Banks are in use of the BlockChain for 6 years already
  • Providing a trusted and secure bridge between the fiat money and cryptocurrency environments -FINRA/MSB regulated and KYC/AML compliant
  • 2nd-layer cross-chain payments protocol for everyday use, serving as a valuable utility reinforced by our native currency from day one
  • OAR can be used to accelerate the conversion of fiat-to-crypto when buying cryptocurrency and crypto-to-fiat when cashing out or as a daily settlement mechanism for merchants. OAR enables holders to atomically transact - spend using (X) or (X + Y) currency while the recipient receives (Z) currency, instantly
  • OAR is ERC20 token running on Ethereum platform. They will migrate to their own chain in the future
  • They are opposite of Ripple
  • Oracle It is a software for auditing. Oracle sees everything, it knows what everyone has in their wallets on the platform. They will monitor the blockchain and collect data and use that data to react...its kinda like AI. Setting a current value of the crypto you are hoarding. Will be open-source in the future.
  • MasterNodes The master nodes have not yet been finalized. Master nodes are things you can run on your own by holding tokens, stabilizing the token value and help the Hoard to run transaction easily. By running a master node you provide a help with building decentralization.
  • Smaug protocol Instant trustless payments across any currency or smart contract based blockchain. Instantly and automatically swap holdings at transaction versus manual coin consolidation. Decouple reliance on any specific chain, foundation or exchange.

Decision making

Now, let's get back to our comparison. Mr. Corliss opens up the institutional side for ethos. He has deep connections from his time with BlackRock and knows how to give confidence and legitimacy to the ethos project. Having top talent like him attracts other top talents to join too. Shingo had a good idea. He cocked the rest of it up. Ideas like prediction or betting... then who knows what. They can still make it a good platform in the long run.
Mr. JD on the other hand, is so Fair dinkum and True blue developeprogrammebusinessman/dealmakeblockchain-evangelist/ and a great entrepreneur, because he understands the day to day problems in our own personal financial dealings and management systems, having a vast knowledge of blockchain technology he has come up with the solution we have all been waiting for. He is a solid unit. He made a tool to let us be our own bank and be less reliant on corporations who love to take your hard earned money and fee you to the death. If Roger Ver is Jesus of Bitcoin Cash, then JD is Chuck Norris of banking systems in the cryptocurrency world.
Ethos vs. Hoard. When it comes down to it, show that Ethos is offering two things. A fiat gateway for cryptocurrency investing and crowd sentiment for investing..(with Binance offering USD pairing soon ETHOS needs to step its game up). Hoard will be a fiat gateway with a minimal to no fee exchange and its base, with a network for instant transactions of any coins and also the ability to make any transaction private. Think what lightning network was for bitcoin but quicker and for any currency. Along with AI investing, spare change investing. The last thing is the fact you hold your own private key (at ETHOS you don't).
So my advice is: Do not sell your ETHOS for HOARD even thought that I am very bullish in the HOARD case. It’s not always about the best technology remember, but don't hesitate with HOARD very long.
But need to say they are both very decent projects. I like Hoard more and that's all. Remember that without a strong competition they would not be a true winner and how could we recognize a great gem if there isn't anything similarly good for comparison?
I am using a reference to my good buddy EvilMonkey. He is an awesome writer and he did a great review about Hoard a few days ago. You can read his article here:

Epilogue and acknowledgment

Ok my friends, regular people, fans of crypto, early adopters and decent readers, you have made it again.
This is the end of this sorry and I frankly thank all of you for your kind attention and wish you all have a great day (...or a bad day, depends on your level of self-sadomasochism, haha).
For me is the Hoard Invest the winner of this Clash of Titans and We my friend will meet again in Jason Davis interview, which will be pretty awesome.
 Future will show, who will bow, Who shall be victorious in Titan's brawl. 
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UK traders, what is your preferred trading platform?

Lurked for a long time and took the step of actually purchasing some Ethereum through Coinbase.
But I have also been interested in purchasing some Alts. I have seen bitrex mentioned a few times as a good platform and also read the best trading platforms on the FAQs, but can't figure out which the best option is for me.
Any advice would be really appreciated.
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[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] Buying alts help

The following post by Shqiperia_Ime is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been openly removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: CryptoCurrency/comments/7m3e35
The original post's content was as follows:
Hello. I live in Canada and use the exchange quadrigacx to fund and withdraw funds. I would like to diversify my 0.23440983BCH into 15 or so alts:
bitcoin cash
request network
The ones with * I'm not sure I will buy. Bitrex and bitfinex have closed registrations so I'm thinking of using binance. I can send my BCH there for free but I want to pay as little in fees when buying alts and perhaps sending them to a desktop wallet. The whole BNB confuses me a bit and also withdrawal fees seem very high, not to mention that you can't buy alts with BCH, you first have to buy ethereum or BNB? Is binance the right choice, what should I do and how can I buy the alts? Any advice is welcome, thanks!
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Summer Crypto Trading Plan Help

Hello! I've been reading stocks for about 3 years now with decent results and now I'm going to start with Cryptocurrencies. I'm not a noob when it comes to Bitcoin and Altcoins but I would still appreciate some advice on my trading plan for this summer. Basically here it is:
Every week add 50 into my Bitrex/Polienex account
Divide my account equally into 5 different coins
2 coins are automatically going to be Bitcoin and Ethereum
Other 3 can be more risky shitcoins (Need Recommendations)
At the end of 3 months cash out account
Sounds good? Any tips tricks or advice?
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Calls powered by cryptocurrencies Experty in TOP10 ICOs to watch in 2018! PROOF OF CARE

Name: Experty Symbol: EXY Hard Cap: $9,000,000 Presale Date: TBA Presale Bonus: 10-60% bonus over ICO price. Proof of Care. PoC Partner Tier: 60% bonus + flat 5,000 EXY PoC Tier 1: 40% bonus + flat 1,000 EXY PoC Tier 2: 20% bonus PoC Tier 3: 10% bonus ICO Date: from 25-Jan-2018 to 25-Feb-2018 ICO Price: 1 ETH = 1000 EXY
Whitelist is open for presale within the concept of POC (Proof Of Care) until 15th of January 2018. Tokens will be distributed right after the ICO.
What is it all about?
Experty is a blockchain-based expert calling platform connecting advise seekers with knowledge providers. Knowledge provider sets their rate per minute, which is paid by knowledge seeker when they call. This exchange is settled on blockchain using an Ethereum smart contract coupled with off-chain software. Knowledge provider can share his direct call link without fear of being victims of fraud or any marketing calls. They can also show their availability timetable. Knowledge seeker saves time and money by get in touch to wanted person directly, and paying only for actual call time. Experts can share their paid call links whenever and wherever they want (various social media sites). This avoids relying on Experty to create a marketplace for them. Payments are instantaneous. Likely use cases include advocates, medical consultants, coders, finance advisors, professors, language learning, webcam chats, bloggers, celebs and many, many more. EXY is a utility token that will be used for all payments from advice seekers to knowledge providers. Token will be sold inside the application via credit cards, ETH, BTC and other alternative cryptocurrencies. EXY tokens are needed to execute transactions or wagering, hence the more usage Experty platform has, the more valuable tokens will become.
My opinion
I think the idea is great, and I really like the low hard cap of only $9,000,000. The team could have gone for a higher hard cap without having any problems raising it, or fix the rate to ETH, but they didn’t. They fixed it to the lower of $9M and 33k ETH (33k ETH today is more than $20M). This tells me that the team is not greedy, which is always refreshing to see. The Proof of Care concept was freshly introduced by Quantstamp, which has proven to be very successful method to advertise the whole idea of development team and create hype. On the other hand, within this concept, contirbutors of POC gain bonuses and additional rewards in EXY. It served Quantstamp extremely well, the ICO sold out very quickly and the price went more than 5x shortly after listing. I have no hesitation the same Proof of Care concept will serve Experty very well indeed. With everything they’ve done so far, I believe that the team knows what is their vision and that they will escalate for listing on major exchanges like Binance and Bitrex in short time.
If the ICO cap reaches $9m during the presale the ICO will end and there will be no main sale. This means that scarcity of available token will create greater hype to additional buyer, what would consequently bring the value of token up. Another shining star of this project is that have a working application both cellular operational systems (IOS and Android). A decent research through development team gave me following results. Many memebers of development time does not have a lot of solid references from big technology corporations etc. Only 1-2 have Solidity knowledge, while others are more JS focused developers. However, project team does have respectable advisers, and the prototype is already done, so this gives me some confidence that they will be able to pull it off. Their Telegram group has surpassed 10k members and debate is going on pleasantly. I expect many more users will join Telegram group while ICO is getting closer every day. Altough development team and partners get a 63% of the total tokens, which is massive amount, their token are vested for at least 18 months after ICO (for partners) and 3 years for team.
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Bitcoin falls, how to increase their number?

I save myself for the history of correspondence :-))). In short: Who has bitcoins, and who wants to increase their number by at least 30%, here's the correct action: If you literally sell bitcoins, buy ETH. After the ratio bitcoin-ETH grows by 30%, you sell ETH buy bitcoins.
Good evening. I hope you remember our correspondence. Sergei from Moscow.
I do not understand English well, I can almost say I do not know English. I communicate through an online translator.
Bitcoin is falling, but this is the market and the ups and downs are the normal state of the market. I wanted to ask you. Do you have any familiar people who are going to keep their Bitcoins in the accounts until it grows up. And plan to keep it from six months and more.
I'm interested in taking control of the bitcoins for a period of six months. Under interest. I am ready to pay 20% per annum.
That is, if I was given 100 bitcoins, for a period of six months. That I return 110 bitcoins.
If I was given 100 bitcoins for a year, then after a year I return 120 bitcoins.
I graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. And the experience of managing securities I have about 10 years.
I also understand that not everyone can believe a man. Therefore, I apologize if I could offend anyone.
Thank you. EB 19:19:24 Edin For every trade a reserve or back up is needed, something of similar value to the trade or half of the value, if i was to start trading with you for example i would need collateral in exchange, no my friend you didn't offend me, believing and making business is 2 very different things. Thank you. 19:39:10 Sergey OK. I understand you, Thank you.
Toda question: If I tell you what and how to do in the market to increase the number of your bitcoins by 30% in the next 2-6 months.
And you make a reasonable decision and do it.
How many bitcoins are you willing to invest in this? And arrange you after receiving income, pay me a fee of $ 7 from the amount of income%.
You can do all the operations on the bitrex exchange. Everything will be on your accounts.
And today's drop to 9500 = 10000 = I already envisaged on January 2. True there is written in Russian. EB 19:44:02 Edin We can try and seeing as that you wrote me first and gave me a proposition, in the first trade that i get plus % i will give 50% of the earnings i will send to you, my account on bitcointalk is El_Duderino1991, we can try and again as i am from the balkans i give you my word, and we can do business 19:43:47 Sergey I apologize:
arrange you after receiving the income of 7% of the amount of income. EB 19:45:10 Edin Yes i understood it was 7% :blush: 19:48:36 Sergey 50% is a lot :-))). 10% of income is correct. Ok, let's try. The only question is how much to start you can invest in the operation. For me, it's important how much. Because this will be income. It is interesting, of course, if you had an operation worth at least 100 bitcoins. EB 19:52:34 Edin I know, if i had 100 bitcoins i would be very happy, but i dont and i know that you are wasting your time here because all i have is 2.5 so there is not much interest for you and i'm being honest and understand if you don't seem interested now 19:58:59 Sergey :-))) OK. then, BTC-ETH Ethereum, see the quotation on bitrex now. 0.08622504. I've been following this relationship for a long time. Just make a deal, buy ETH by selling bitcoins. When the quotation rises to 0.1118 BTC-ETH trade is reversed and you will have 30% bitcoins more. It will be for 1-5 months exactly. I hope you will not forget about me. 19:59:05 :blush: 20:02:20 If you literally sell bitcoins, buy ETH. After the ratio bitcoin-ETH grows by 30%, you sell ETH buy bitcoins. EB 20:05:01 Edin I have 1 btc waiting to be confirmed on bittrex for 2 weeks, i have 0.5 there and 1 btc on my ledger. When or if my transaction is confirmed i will go all in on it, yes got it 20:06:17 Also it was 0.082, too bad it's 0.088 now 20:07:11 No my friend don't worry about that, if i make this trade, 50% of my profit i'm sending it to you 20:06:32 Sergey OK. do, the ratio will increase. 20:07:22 target 0.19 :-))) 20:09:02 OK. 0.19 there sell, it will :-)))

BTC #ETH #bitcoin

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Ethereum 2020 Explained: What is Ethereum & How it Works ... Bought Bitcoin and Ethereum  Tom Lee Predicts $10,000,000 ... How to Transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to Bittrex - YouTube How to Move Ethereum from Mist Wallet & Bittrex to Your Ledger Nano S How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency on Bittrex (Ethereum ...

Trade Ethereum on Bittrex. Bittrex is one of the most well established exchanges on the cryptocurrency market. The exchange was founded in 2013 by Bill Shihara, Rami Kawach and Richie Lai, three cybersecurity specialists. Using a blockchain is cryptographically secure – the ledger is distributed across all nodes in the system making hacking near impossible. All of the solidity Ethereum smart contract code used for the token sale and vault account was fully audited by SmartDec, a firm specialized in Smart Contract Security Audit. Recently Bittrex has introduced a USD market, in addition to the Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) markets. This new feature allows any verified customer to trade 11 cryptocurrencies in exchange for the US dollar. As they expect this market to grow, they will (hopefully) add new cryptocurrencies here. Ethereum Virtual Machine The heart of the Ethereum blockchain is known as the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which is the part of the protocol that executes transactions. It is a Turing complete virtual machine featuring a specific language “EVM bytecode,” typically written in a higher-level language called Solidity. Ethereum(ETH) is the second choice after bitcoin due to its robust architecture and smart contracts. Due to the bubble nature of Bitcoin and the uncontrolled behavior of Bitcoin, few people use to prefer to invest in Ethereum for its slow and exponential progress. Read – What is Ethererim and Future of Ethereum. Have you enjoyed:

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Ethereum 2020 Explained: What is Ethereum & How it Works ...

The CryptoDad shows you how to move Ethereum from Mist Wallet & Bittrex to your Ledger Nano S Be sure and listen for the "Christabelle cut" (my daughter) at the very end of the video! You can find ... Teaching you how to buy and sell on exchange by selling my Ethereum for Bitcoin and then Litecoin. Subscribe for new videos - https://www... Bitcoin is still trading slightly about $8,000 and yesterday I made an entrance into the market and bought some Bitcoin and Ethereum. In today's video I will... This is a simple explanation of what Ethereum is and how it works for beginners interested in cryptocurrency.. ===== LINKS TO ACCESS SITES SAFELY =====... how to buy ethereum instantly how to buy ethereum in usa neo coin neo coin news neo coin china neo coin antshares neo coin wallet. Category Entertainment; Show more Show less.